Equiticity Research Projects

Mobility Justice in Chicago Research Study

Equiticity is facilitating our Mobility Justice in Chicago research study, exploring both transportation equity and police enforcement equity. The study will execute qualitative and quantitative research across all modes of travel (walking, cycling, public transit, driving and shared mobility—car share and bike share). MJC will explore the equity implications within transportation and enforcement here in Chicago as they relate to race, income and neighborhood, as well as connected socio-economic indicators and the social determinants of health.  We've assembled a talented, experienced research team, including professors and senior researchers from the University of Illinois at Chicago, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and Rutgers University, as well as a number of planners, researchers, advocates and organizers across multiple sectors, including transportation, public health, tactical urbanism, urban planning and data science. To learn more about our study, please review our Mobility Justice in Chicago research summary.