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Mobility Justice in Chicago Research Study—Call for Volunteers

We are currently recruiting volunteers to sign up for the following volunteer teams, related to Equiticity's Mobility Justice in Chicago research study, that will all begin immediately and move forward over the next several months:

  • Fundraising: Assist with both short-term and long-term fundraising for our research study. This includes identifying potential funders and funding opportunities, as well as leading or assisting with grant-writing. Assist with helping plan an initial meeting with potential funders, which will take place in late March of this year.
  • Literature Review: Assist with completion of a literature review around the wide array of benefits (economic, health, safety, security, violence, etc.) associated with increased mobility and improved transportation access at the neighborhood and citywide levels across all modes of travel (walking, cycling, public transit, driving and shared mobility—car share and bike share). 
  • Three Near-Term Projects: Join one of our three near-term research teams, described below in more detail.
    • Initial IDOT Crash Data Analysis: Performing our own data analysis on the same IDOT crash data and related data that the city of Chicago used for its analysis in support of its Vision Zero Chicago Action Plan.
    • Police Enforcement Data Analysis: Performing a data analysis of Chicago Police Department citation data across modes of travel (walking, cycling, driving, public transit, etc.), exploring equity implications. 
    • Tactical Urbanism Intervention Project: Planning a tactical urbanism intervention on the West Side of Chicago by summer/fall 2018.
  • Online Storytelling (Website, Newsletter & Social Media): Assist with online storytelling via the Equiticity website, email newsletter and social media channels, specifically related to publicly sharing relevant research, reporting and articles—all in support of our advocacy position to remove police enforcement from Vision Zero.

Interested in volunteering? Please use the form below to contact us. Share with us specifically which volunteer team you would like to join and where you can help.


We’re always looking for volunteers and partners. You may also support our movement by making a donation to Equiticity.

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